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Read first-hand accounts from our students about their experiences on APA Paris programs.

Carmen à tout prix at the Théâtre Trévise !

February 3, 2016

  The perks of having a friend in the program whose host mother is an opera singer, actor and comedian: front row seats to the show! A spin on Carmen, the show starts with an announcement of its cancellation. What comes next is a hilariously thrown together production. The assistant as Carmen (Sophie Sara), the maintenance man as the Toreador (Phillippe Moiroud), Italian playboy as Don Jose (Mathieu Sempere), neurotic manager as narrator (Bertrand Monbaylet), aspiring actress as Micaela (Ariane-Olympe Girard) and a troupe of Romanian street performers from the metro Châtelet to play Bizet’s masterpiece (Romain Fittousi, Julien Gonzales, Antoine Delprat). Decorations and lines are “improvised” and the “goofs” of the scramble are laugh-out-loud funny. Nonetheless, the vocals are serious... Read More

Visite Montmartre

January 24, 2016

  The cobblestone streets here start climbing upward and require a good amount of leg work. At the summit is the Sacre-Coeur overlooking all of Paris where tourists mill around taking pictures of the sprawling view. We were lucky to have our first visit here accompanied by... Read More

The Packing One

December 31, 2015

NOTE: this post speaks more directly to girls, as they tend to have a much more difficult job of packing to do than boys. Sorry, guys. Now that the holidays are nearly over, I’m sure many of you are overrun with new clothes. In addition to all the super cute new... Read More

A Word from the Wise

December 25, 2015

These are some pieces of advice directly from the girls of this past semester. Heed their word! Don’t be afraid to ask for help even if you’re not sure if you’ll need it. About literally anything. (The APA directors are super available, really helpful, and... Read More

Tips for future pigeons

December 22, 2015

My last week in Paris was a flurry of exams and papers. To recap so any future students can know what to expect, I took 5 classes. Two were the required APA classes, one a language course, the other essentially a modern French poli sci and culture course. I took three classes... Read More

Madelyne Pigeon Barcelona

December 22, 2015

Running off to Barcelona the weekend before exams perhaps isn’t the wisest idea, but I honestly regret nothing. I even watched “Vicky Christina Barcelona” the night before leaving to excite myself for the trip. Leaving Friday after impulsively buying a cheap round... Read More

A digression into ducks

December 22, 2015

The weekend after London I did very little except study, prepare for exams and attempt to write 10 page essays in French, but I did get out a little to explore more of Paris. Here are some pictures from the Canal Saint Martin, the 4.5 km long canal that starts near Place de... Read More

The British Pigeon

December 22, 2015

First, I have to apologize for my absence the past couple weeks. As finals have come to an end, I finally have some catch-up time. For any future students doing an abroad program in France through their university system, be ready for a storm at the end of each semester, the... Read More

The Identity of a Pigeon

November 25, 2015

Despite all that has happened, Paris has almost gotten back to normal. People still go out to cafés, bars, concerts and continue to live with joy and vivacity as always. C’est toujours le bonheur à Paris. The city has a special way of rebirthing itself and igniting tiny... Read More

Growing roses from bullet holes

November 15, 2015

After staying inside for the past couple days, I started to get the sense that it wasn’t really real. That it must be happening somewhere else, somewhere far away that could only reach us from a news station, or that it was just a dream. Today I left my apartment and to... Read More

Le prochain jour

November 14, 2015

I haven’t done much today. I stayed inside (as per President Hollande’s recommendation), read, watched TV, bought groceries, and often refreshed the BBC Live Update report online. Yet by 7pm, I am exhausted. I slept very little last night due to the siren noise that... Read More

L’état d’urgence

November 14, 2015

At around 8pm this evening I went out to bring home dinner for a night in. Around 10pm I get a message from a friend in the US asking if I’m okay. A few seconds later I become aware of a chorus of sirens from outside my building and really in every direction I... Read More

The Spooky Pigeon

November 2, 2015

As the world well knows, this past weekend was Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time. For me it ranks above Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day and my birthday. While our study abroad advisors were warning us about the homesickness that comes with the fall... Read More

The Traveling Pigeon, Part 3

November 2, 2015

Our final leg of touring around France ended on the beaches of Normandy. For me, this was the second time I walked along the shores where over 2,400 American men lost their lives. The first time was during the summer I studied abroad in high school, a time when Normandy becomes... Read More

The Traveling Pigeon, Part 2

November 2, 2015

Next on our journey across France, we left Lyon in the morning and rented a car to drive from the Rhône-Alps to Provence, the famous seaside region of France which I had heard about since childhood. I couldn’t have been more happy we rented a car. Instead of driving on... Read More