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Bienvenue, welcome! We are so thrilled your child is attending an APA study abroad program. An opportunity for global learning, reflection, and exploration, a study abroad will challenge each individual and refine their skills in ways that a regular university setting cannot provide. On a daily basis, students are navigating new scenarios and communicating with others in a new, common language: critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills all in a multi-cultural context. These career competencies are some of the most valued by employers today. Your child is about to embark on a journey that will aid in their future career and hold some of their most important memories from their time in college. On y va, let’s go!

Grace’s semester in Paris was amazing!! Thank you, again, for all your help getting her set up so well. La Vigie was the most perfect, magical location. I enjoyed, and appreciate, having worked with you on her adventure.

Kathy, Parent of a George Washington University Student

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All the students get to know the APA directors very well throughout the semester...They’re a great support system to have while so far away from home. And they know how to organize a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner.

Mary, George Washington University

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