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Academic Programs Abroad (APA) is a boutique program provider in Paris, France with a passion to provide a first-rate study abroad experience that unites academic excellence with the beauty and richness of French and Francophone culture.

APA builds better people. Better students, better future employees, and better role models. We empower students by providing access to immersive environments to further French language skills and give them cultural experiences to encourage curiosity and exploration all in an authentic endeavor to foster communication and personal growth in each individual.

How has APA been able to contribute to the development of editors at the Modern Language Association, international film producers, and study abroad directors at world-renowned institutions for over 30 years? With Academics. Culture. Community. These three pillars are the foundation for every program APA undertakes.

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Courses are hand-selected through close partnerships and collaborations with the best institutions and faculty members to engage students in a globally conscious society. Upon arrival and ongoing throughout the term, attentive academic and language support guides students through different methodologies and pedagogies so that they can maximize their understanding of subject matter.


Whether it is a nighttime guided tour of the Louvre or drumming lessons in the quartiers of Dakar, the pulse of a city’s being can be captured in its culture. These opportunities embed themselves in memories and evoke the true spirit of study abroad and cultural immersion. Which is why every APA program participant receives a culture package with cultural events, day trips and excursions included, no optional fees or add-ons required.


During such a monumental time in a student’s academic career, there are a lot of moving pieces that come together for a study abroad program. From pre-departure visa assistance and preparation to on-site logistics and day-to-day support, APA staff is committed to a welcoming atmosphere and providing stellar service.

It is not uncommon that our students stay in touch with each other and APA site directors far after the end of their program. We have seen alumni return to France and Francophone countries on Fulbright scholarships and gain French citizenship. Alumni have also returned to volunteer for recruiting events on campus, attend reunions and meet ups, and have even joined our advisory committee.

Not only has APA contributed to our students’ lives but, APA has been Founder and Paris Director Claire Suraqui’s life’s work. As a fellow educator herself, she studied, taught, obtained a Fulbright and has worked on creating curriculum between the US and France for over 30 years. A personal mission of promoting international education and Franco-American exchange has touched over 1,300 students and evolved to include two new Francophone countries, Senegal and Morocco, in an everlasting desire to share culture and conversation in welcoming destinations.


APA and its team are members of the following international education organizations: