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  • Claire Suraqui

Claire Suraqui

is the Founder and Director of APA.

After completing her first degree as an English major, she went on to study at the Ecole Supérieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs. As a Fullbright Scholar, Claire then continued her English language studies in the U.S. While abroad, she taught French at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She also taught English in France to high school and university students.

Following her time in the U.S., Claire worked as an administrator of the “Académie de Creteil” in Marne la Vallée. For four years, she was responsible for the research and response to all community needs concerning Marne la Vallée, one of four major cities just outside of Paris. As a French citizen born abroad, Claire Suraqui strongly identifies with the difficulties associated with integration. As a result, she created and founded Vivre et Apprendre à Paris (VIA Paris).

Her exchange program, now APA, is recognized and supported by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs as a private higher education establishment. Claire created the program in an effort to offer and encourage students to discover what it means to integrate oneself in a new culture, and specifically France.

David Suraqui

serves as the Innovation Manager of APA. Since 2002, David has overseen financial and technology elements, and for over 15 years has provided innovation and strategy support with a focus on product development and customer experience. As a Jerusalem-based entrepreneur with extensive product and project management experience in Information Technologies and Enterprise Resource Planning.

Since David was 9, he was raised surrounded by all things VIA PARIS/APA. Witnessing its growth, and the elaboration of its vision and values, David has met hundreds of students, teachers, and staff members while participating on countless program activities and events over the years. David has greatly enjoyed participation in strategy and long-term projects with APA and looks forward to deepening his involvement in other aspects.

David graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP), a leading French business school with a concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and extensively studied Mathematics and Physics at the French “Mathématiques Supérieures” and “Mathémathiques  Spéciales”. A native of France, David is fluent in French, Hebrew, and English. David is married to Efrat, a rehabilitation physician at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and has four children.

Aurélie Perrier

As a Franco-American raised in Paris and educated in the USA, Aurélie Perrier grew up between two worlds and developed an early interest in interculturality.  She holds a Ph.D in Modern Middle East and North African History from Georgetown University, a passion she first developed after spending her junior year abroad in Egypt and which impacted her career choices. Since, she has conducted fieldwork in Egypt, Algeria and Yemen and taught Middle East history in Qatar, the USA and France. Her research and teaching interests center on gender and race in colonial North Africa, postcolonialism in France, and the politics of human rights and development.

Aurélie is convinced that international education can help students find purpose and meaning in today’s global world, and that it can help address key international challenges by fostering solidarity and cooperation worldwide.  Prior to joining APA in 2019, she taught at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service in Qatar and at Wake Forest University, NC, as well as worked in think tanks and international organizations on issues of human rights, democratization and civil society promotion in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Sophie Corbeau

Sophie Corbeau

is the Assistant Director of APA Paris and Director of APA Dakar, based at the Paris office.

She holds both a “Maitrise” and a DESS (equivalent to an MA) in French language education from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University. Sophie spent most of her teaching career in Paris, but she has also taught French language courses in the U.S. for 3 years at Memphis State University and Mills College, as well as one year in Great Britain.

Sophie has published teaching materials for the instruction of technical French. Her works cover topics such as business French and French for the tourism and hospitality sector. Sophie spent four years at the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. While there, she trained teachers of FLE (French as a foreign language) to teach technical French. Following her time at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sophie worked among immigrant youth as a social counselor and professional advisor in Parisian urban communities.

Astrid Schöning

is the French Language Coordinator at APA where she teaches French, takes part in the cultural program, and assists the team with administrative tasks. She first joined the APA team as a French assistant intern to shadow the cultural program and teach French to the Spring 2017 cohort while completing research for her master’s thesis on linguistic and cultural immersion observed during this experience.

After learning English during a gap year in England, Astrid pursued English and American studies at Diderot Paris 7 University and took part in a MICEFA exchange program in the US at SUNY Binghamton during the final year of her undergraduate studies (Licence). There, she got involved with the French club and tutored students in French and French literature.

On return to Paris, she enrolled in the DDLC-FLE (teaching French as a second language) master’s program at the Sorbonne Nouvelle specializing in French and French culture aimed at anglophones. Astrid then spent a second gap year, between the first and second year of her MA, teaching French and AP French to American middle school and high school students enrolled in an immersion program in Edina, MN.

Her personal experience learning English, her studies, and her teaching experiences have convinced Astrid of the benefits of linguistic and cultural immersion and she is thrilled to be back at APA to continue working in this field.

Lindsay Turlan

has been the Assistant Director of the U.S. office since 2010.

Before joining APA, Lindsay lived and worked in France for 10 years, primarily in the fields of education and exchange. Her most recent experience in France was as head of the American Section at the Franco-American Commission for Educational Exchange-Fulbright France. Lindsay was in charge of in-bound Fulbright grantees from the U.S.

Prior to her role with Fulbright, she served as an Education USA adviser within the commission promoting studies in the U.S. all over France and on U.S. college campuses as part of the U.S. State Departments International network of advisors. During this time, Lindsay was also a member of NAFSA. She served for five years on the task force for education and exchange at the American Chamber of Commerce in Paris, as well as treasurer on the Conseil d’Administration for IFE. Before arriving at the Commission, Lindsay worked as admissions director and academic advisor for the MBA program at the French business school ESG.

Lindsay originally arrived in France as a Master’s student with Middlebury. She obtained her degree while simultaneously interning at the RPR political party during Jacques Chirac’s presidential re-election campaign. Lindsay’s interest in French started with her first host-family exchange to Montreal in 8th grade. She spent her senior year of high school in La Fleche, France, followed by a gap year in Europe, before returning to France for a summer in Poitiers and a semester in Paris as a junior with the North Carolina Consortium. Lindsay immensely enjoys working with students interested in taking the opportunity to experience a full immersion in France!

  • Constance Sherak

Constance Sherak

serves as Admissions Advisor to APA.

She received her M.A. and Ph.D. in French from Stanford University. Since 2006, she has taught at Yale University where she coordinates the intensive language series and teaches advanced language, stylistics, and introductory literature courses. Previously, Constance taught at Connecticut College and Dartmouth College.

A specialist in nineteenth-century French literature, Constance has published articles on the novel and the poetics of the museum, on revolution and collecting, and on Christo’s wrapping of the Pont Neuf in 1985. Constance spent her junior year abroad in Montpellier, France studying at the Université Paul Valéry and was later a graduate exchange fellow at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. Constance joined the APA Paris team in 2003 and has retained close ties with the program ever since. She teaches an annual advanced language course in Paris each summer in Yale Summer Session.