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First Week of November

November 7, 2019

Bonjour bonjour! This week has been lots of fun, beginning with my return from Scotland and ending with a concert at the Philharmonie de Paris! I returned from Scotland on Sunday after a few more days of sightseeing! Here’s a photo of me in front of the Wallace Monument in Stirling: Monday and Tuesday were regular school days without much out of the ordinary. Wednesday however, our Art History class did an architecture visit at Palais Garnier, Boulevard Haussman, Galeries Lafayette, and Gare Saint Lazare instead of meeting at an art museum like usual. Then Wednesday evening, we had tickets to an orchestral concert of Ravel and Rachmaninoff at the Philharmonie! It was really great and I enjoyed it a lot! That’s all for this... Read More

Fall Break in Scotland!

November 7, 2019

Hello hello! It’s fall break and I’m currently in Scotland enjoying some Halloween festivities with friends! I would share a bunch about my week but up until yesterday I was sick and hardly doing anything but sleep and watch Netflix until I finally felt better. Now I’ve... Read More

Weekend Trip to Fes 

October 30, 2019

On Friday, we met up at the language center at 9:30 and took a van to Fes. The two Moroccan students, Kanza and Maroua, joined us on our trip. The ride to Fes from Rabat took about 3 hours, but we took a pit stop halfway to grab a bite to eat. When we finally... Read More

Normandie and Molière all in one week!

October 24, 2019

Salut! Right now, I’m writing this blog entry on the train ride to Brussels for fall break, but let me back up through everything else that’s happened this week. On Friday I took both of my APA course midterms, and then in the evening, there was an event at a bar in which... Read More

Last Weekend in Paris and End of Finals

October 17, 2019

The last weekend in Paris was a mix of finishing my final essays and trying to fit in some last minute visits. I barely saw anyone from the program over the weekend because we were all in the same boat–scrambling to finish our assignments while enjoying our favorite parts... Read More

Midterms Week

October 17, 2019

Hello again! It’s the week of midterms so this blog entry is going to be a quick one cause I’ve got lots of studying to do! This week has been wild, between a French movie night to a football (soccer as us Americans call it) match, to class at the Musée d’Orsay to the... Read More

October in Paris!

October 11, 2019

Bonjour! This week has been an exciting one! Friday started out with a bit of shopping to keep up with the fashionable Parisians. My language support instructor told me about a store she liked so I just had to check it out. Saturday was APA’s visit to the Château of... Read More

Last Week in Paris!

October 9, 2019

A True Versailles experience  Looking back on it, this week was sort of a wreck, and I think it started with the weekend. APA planned a tour of Versailles for us on Saturday. We were supposed to meet at 1:30 to begin the tour. From my homestay, Versailles is about 45 minutes... Read More

One month in! Three more to go!

October 4, 2019

Salut! Its the start of October, and I’m realizing I’ve been living in France for over a month now, which seems absolutely crazy on one hand, but on the other, it feels like home! Since my last post, I (along with the rest of the APA students) went to a beautiful concert at... Read More

⅗ Weeks Completed in Paris!

October 2, 2019

Grand Tour of the Louvre (yes, more Louvre!)  My Wednesdays are free and so I wanted to make the most of the day. But before I could go and enjoy all the things that the city had to offer, I needed to get some chores out of the way. When we first arrived in Paris,... Read More

Loving France!

September 26, 2019

Walking Through History On Wednesday, we had a night tour of the Louvre. The tour was supposed to start at 6:45pm but because of miscommunication, we all arrived late and had to essentially run through the museum to see all the exhibits that our tour guide wanted to show us.... Read More

Bourgogne and more!

September 26, 2019

Hello again! At the end of my last blog entry, it was Thursday evening and I was packing and preparing to leave bright and early for Bourgogne (Burgundy), a beautiful region of France a few hours from Paris. This weekend excursion is the first of the APA organized excursions,... Read More

La Vie Parisienne

September 19, 2019

Bonjour! It’s time for another update! I’m coming to the end of my second week in Paris and I’m feeling well adjusted to my life here! Friday night I (along with the rest of the APA Paris students) went to a tour of the Louvre at Night, and learned about the history of the... Read More

Leaving Home

September 17, 2019

 It is hard to believe that I am studying abroad for a semester. My summers spent abroad have been much less daunting. A  few weeks of going on adventures and exploring new places is the perfect summer vacation, but doing the same for a whole semester raises many... Read More

Settling into life in Paris

September 16, 2019

Bonjour tout la monde! It’s Calista again! This week has been a whirlwind of returning to Paris and making this quintessential city feel more like home! We returned to Paris on Saturday and moved into our home stays and student dorms called “foyers” that night. For me,... Read More