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French-language business, STEM and social science studies in Senegal's coastal capital.

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Where differences can bring strife, the Senegalese have a word that symbolizes their core values: Teranga. Derived from Wolof, it is the ideas of welcoming, respecting, and sharing that are universal and integral to life in the hub of West Africa. These principles, like the country, are simultaneously traditional and modern in every sense of the term.

Known for its art and culture, the capital city of Dakar is equally a powerhouse for business, science, and technological innovation. With exceptional classes in French or English, spend an immersive semester or year in the unique cosmopolitan culture of the Senegalese capital. From engineering to international relations, economics, politics, accounting or communications and arts, the Institut de Management Supérieur (ISM) offers academic excellence across the board. Alongside classes, engage in a rich campus life and co-curricular projects with Senegalese peers for a hands-on impactful experience.

Do you need supplemental language practice? Combine a fall semester with the Paris: August Short-Term program. The Intermediate French class has been specifically designed to prepare students for a full-time, academic course load in French. Bundle these programs for discounted short-term program fees.

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At A Glance


  • 3.0 GPA
  • 3 - 4 Semesters of French (or equivalent)
  • Sophomore+ standing


  • Fall or Spring Semester
  • Academic Year
  • Academic Year: Dakar + Paris Spring Semester

Estimated Cost

  • Semester Tuition: $14,900
  • Semester Housing: $3,200

Language of Instruction

  • French
  • Starting Level: B1 and up
  • English
I improved my French enormously, I was able to genuinely integrate into a different culture and country, and I built all of these skills of open-mindedness, resilience, confidence, and others. I was supported at all times, and APA gave me the tools to feel at home in this new city, with constant excursions, shows, and workshops.

Colin, Swarthmore College

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