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APA is committed to providing top-tier academics that broaden the mind and challenge mainstream ways of thought to guide our students into becoming global citizens. Drawing from more than 30 years of programming excellence, APA regularly consults with US, French, and Francophone faculty, universities and institutions, government experts, and members of the APA advisory committee to develop curriculum, learning outcomes, and target needs for an ever-changing student population.

APA is recognized as a private higher education institution by the French Ministry of Education.

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At the end of the program term, APA issues a transcript package. This includes the official transcript with the host institution’s grade, the US equivalent, and conversion table for reference.

Course syllabi, professor evaluations, the student’s schedule, and breakdown of contact hours are provided to show the level of coursework completed.

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Credit Transfer

Generally, APA awards four credit hours per course however, it is ultimately up to the student’s home institution to allocate the appropriate credit.

Our partner institutions utilize the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). This system defines the number of credits needed for a degree as a whole. Therefore, the credits and contact hours allocated per class may differ from what is typical in a US institution.

To supplement the classroom instructional hours, APA has created an academic and language support system to award an additional contact hour for each class.