APA Board Members

Meet the APA Board

Working in the background of Academic Program Abroad’s organization, Board Members provide advice and recommendations to the Director. In cooperation with APA’s Academic Advisory committee members and APA staff, the board offers expertise in specific area, and helps focus on larger goals.

  • APA President, David Suraqui

David Suraqui

serves as the President and head of the Board of APA. Since 2002, David has overseen financial and technology elements, and for over 15 years has provided innovation and strategy support with a focus on product development and customer experience. As a Jerusalem-based entrepreneur with extensive product and project management experience in Information Technologies and Enterprise Resource Planning.

Since David was 9, he was raised surrounded by all things VIA PARIS/APA. Witnessing its growth, and the elaboration of its vision and values, David has met hundreds of students, teachers, and staff members while participating on countless program activities and events over the years. David has greatly enjoyed participation in strategy and long-term projects with APA and looks forward to deepening his involvement in other aspects.

A native of France, David is fluent in French, Hebrew, and English.

  • Claire Suraqui

Claire Suraqui

is the Founder and Board member for APA.

After completing her first degree as an English major, she went on to study at the Ecole Supérieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs. As a Fulbright Scholar, Claire then continued her English language studies in the U.S. While abroad, she taught French at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She also taught English in France to high school and university students.

Following her time in the U.S., Claire worked as an administrator of the “Académie de Creteil” in Marne la Vallée. For four years, she was responsible for the research and response to all community needs concerning Marne la Vallée, one of four major cities just outside of Paris. As a French citizen born abroad, Claire Suraqui strongly identifies with the difficulties associated with integration. As a result, she created and founded Vivre et Apprendre à Paris (VIA Paris).

APA is recognized and supported by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs as a private higher education establishment. Claire created the program in an effort to offer and encourage students to discover what it means to integrate oneself in a new culture, and specifically France.

Today she serves as board member, while supporting one of her great passions, APA’s cultural planning and events. Additionally, she governs the Multi-Country: France/Morocco/Senegal Program.