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Language support

  • Weekly individual language support: This customized language support starts during orientation with a language evaluation. Based on the results, students will be assigned to one of our French language professors. Each week throughout the semester, students meet with their professor individually for 30 minutes and separately with their teaching assistant for one hour working on oral expression and other noted areas for improvement. (18 hours/semester).
  • Group grammar workshops: Syntax and various grammatical elements are covered to aid in completing course assignments. (12-16 hours/semester)
  • Group theater discussions: Prepare for the performances and reflect on the pieces for a greater understanding of the story lines and characters. (4-8 hours/semester according to the number of plays)

University class support

  • Cours complémentaire: For each class that has at least three APA students enrolled, APA creates an additional course called a “cours complémentaire” or extra tutorial session. In most cases, this is taught by the same instructor teaching the class. These courses help students bridge the gap between the French and American educational systems and meets on a regular basis, usually every two weeks. (9 hours/semester)
  • Methodology workshops (6 hours/semester)
  • Course-specific tutoring sessions (3 hours/semester)
  • Proofreading sessions to review and edit a paper prior to handing it in (4-6 hours/semester)