Thrive in Dakar

French-language business, STEM and social science studies in Senegal's coastal capital.

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Discover the cultural delights of Africa’s largest port city, along with its lively artistic and social scene. APA arranges for students to take part in unique events and activities as well as travel to some of the major historical and cultural sites of Senegal.

Students also experience full campus life at ISM: whatever the interest, students are sure to find fellow enthusiasts in ISM’s dozens of student groups. More than an institution of higher learning, ISM students form a true community. Pair up with a Senegalese peer to facilitate immersion upon arrival.

Cultural Activities and Events

  • 4 performing arts shows or cultural events
  • Interacting in Wolof: 90-minute weekly lessons in the local language
  • Introduction to African Arts – Two seminars:
    • Music & Senegalese identities
    • West African Visual Arts: Discovering Art Galleries & Museums
  • Volunteer, extracurricular, and cultural exchange opportunities


  • Day trip to Gorée Island: Just a few kilometers off the shore of Dakar, this UNESCO World Heritage site was ruled consecutively by the Portuguese, Dutch, British and French. As the largest slave-trading center from the 15th to the 19th century, the island’s architecture and physical heritage bear witness to this history and stands as a symbol of the Atlantic slave trade.
  • Weekend excursion to Sine Saloum Delta (Fall semester): Discover the mangroves, observe the indigenous flora and fauna, and stay in a traditional African hut at this UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit the house where Leopold Sedar Senghor was born, the first president of independent Senegal and primary architect of the Négritude movement.
  • Weekend excursion to Saint Louis (Spring semester): Sitting in an island at the mouth of the Senegal River, 270 kilometers north of Dakar, Saint Louis was the capital of French West Africa and an important cultural and economic center. Historically, the city was the first stop for European slave ships. Explore the colonial architecture of the old city and discover the natural treasures of the Langue de Barbarie National parc by canoe.
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