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Senegal (2): Memories and lingering thoughts

May 2, 2024

As the semester comes to an end, a bittersweet feeling begins to emerge. On one hand, I would want to take a break from the constant travelling, from all the stress that comes with adaptation to a new environment and a new country. On the other hand, the nagging thought of not... Read More

Dakar (1): Africa

May 2, 2024

As we touched down, the heat hit us, much like it did between Paris and Rabat, but Senegal amplified it. Heat and sunlight were the first things on my mind. But Senegal, known for its Teranga, greeted us with unexpected kindness from random drivers who helped us with our... Read More

Paris (2): The adventures

May 2, 2024

Whilst in France, I had a mission: to test every kebab joint I could find in the neighbourhood. Ever since my installation in my host family, I started my meticulous research, and I am glad to say that I’ve tried out pretty much every single Arab/Turkish fast food place in... Read More

Rabat (1): The land of the setting sun

May 2, 2024

Have you ever seen a Moroccan Medina before?   I haven’t before going to Morocco. And you should definitely visit one. When we arrived in a riad, a traditional moroccan house which is designed towards the interior (there are no windows towards the exterior and there... Read More

Morocco (2): Deserts, Seas, and Mountains

May 2, 2024

Almost every weekend in Morocco, I travelled. They were either APA organised visits or trips that were self-initiated.    The first excursion was to Fez, the “Athens of North Africa.” The cultural (and geographical) heart of Morocco, Fez was constructed by the first... Read More

Paris (1): First Impressions

May 2, 2024

I remember stepping down from the aeroplane and breathing the cold, humid Parisian air. It was definitely a stark contrast to what I am used to: hot, torpid weather. Immediately, I was on edge. It was my first time in Paris since a short 3-day visit when I was 13, and I... Read More

Full Circle & Reflections in Paris

December 19, 2022

Just like that, the semester is at an end! While APA Multi-Country has technically ended for this semester, I’m still abroad. All of us flew from Dakar to Paris early on Friday, then went our separate ways. It was so strange to part with the APA group. We’ve all seen... Read More

Music/Dance/Culture in Dakar-Part 2

December 16, 2022

I’m back to tell you about the last part of a full and fascinating week in Dakar! Our day trip here was a visit to Gorée Island. Originally inhabited by Lebu people, the Portuguese were the first Europeans to reach the island back in 1444. Dakar and Gorée are at the... Read More

Music/Dance/Culture in Dakar-Part 1

November 28, 2022

It’s now our third weekend in Dakar! Things are moving fast, especially when our days are so jam-packed. I’m dividing last weekend’s events into two posts since there’s just too much to say. We kicked off the weekend last Friday afternoon with a trip to the... Read More

Study Spaces in Paris… and Dakar!

November 15, 2022

One of the most interesting parts of studying abroad is getting to know a city as a student, which is so different from just being a tourist. Tourists don’t need a good working environment with WiFi for multiple hours on a regular basis! All of us have WiFi and space to study... Read More

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