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La Vie Parisienne

September 19, 2019

by Calista Goldwasser

Bonjour! It’s time for another update! I’m coming to the end of my second week in Paris and I’m feeling well adjusted to my life here! Friday night I (along with the rest of the APA Paris students) went to a tour of the Louvre at Night, and learned about the history of the Louvre Palace itself. Did you know that there are ruins of the original castle from the 12th century under the current Palace of the Louvre that we see today? There is so much to the history of the Louvre itself that I learned about for the first time in that tour! Saturday, a small group of APA students took a day trip to Giverny, a 45 minute train ride north of Paris, to visit Claude Monet’s Gardens and his home as well as a small museum of impressionistic art. It was a beautiful day and I’m so glad we went early in the semester while the flowers were still in bloom and the weather was still good! The following week commenced the APA in house courses: Painting and Sculpture in France in the 19th... Read More

Leaving Home

September 17, 2019

by apaparis

 It is hard to believe that I am studying abroad for a semester. My summers spent abroad have been much less daunting. A  few weeks of going on adventures and exploring new places is the perfect summer vacation, but doing the same for a whole semester raises many... Read More

Settling into life in Paris

September 16, 2019

by Calista Goldwasser

Bonjour tout la monde! It’s Calista again! This week has been a whirlwind of returning to Paris and making this quintessential city feel more like home! We returned to Paris on Saturday and moved into our home stays and student dorms called “foyers” that night. For me,... Read More

First Week in France

September 5, 2019

by Calista Goldwasser

Hello everyone! I’m Calista Goldwasser, one of the students studying abroad this semester in the APA Paris Advanced program and I’ll be your window into the study abroad experience with APA! A little bit about myself: I’m a junior at DePauw University where I study... Read More

Last Week in Dakar

July 25, 2019

by Victoria Bergstrom

Soccer Update On Friday, Dakar’s streets were decorated for soccer because Senegal played against Algeria in the final match of the Africa Cup. All day, Senegalese soccer jerseys were worn everywhere, and taxis proudly displayed Senegalese flags. I wore my jersey and everyone... Read More

Connecting with Dakar

July 18, 2019

by Victoria Bergstrom

New Dresses 2 weeks ago Nakeshia, Siddhakshi, and Seneca went to buy fabric for a Senegalese outfit to bring home. Siddhakshi’s sister took them to a shop to pick out fabric and get fitted for their new looks. I was in class when they picked out everything, yet I already had... Read More

Making New Friends

July 9, 2019

by Nakeshia Diop

Day at the Beach Tuesdays are my day off, so my host sister invited me to go to the beach with a few of her cousins. There were five of us in total and we all squeezed in a taxi to go to Monoco Beach. Unfortunately on the way there, we got stopped by a... Read More

Getting to Know the Diops and Settling Down

June 28, 2019

by Nakeshia Diop

Meeting the Family  On Tuesday, my aunt invited over to her house to meet my cousins. We had briefly spoken on the phone, but only basic introductions were being exchanged, the pauses in between questions filled with anxious laughter. My aunt has four kids, her son lives in... Read More

Exploring the City and My Two New Families

June 23, 2019

by Nakeshia Diop

Tourist Destinations On Monday, Richard who is another student from APA, invited me to go downtown with his host family. His host sister has a car, and after our class, she drove us to our first stop: the African Renaissance Monument. With us were also her adorable son Theo, and... Read More

Intro to Dakar!

June 23, 2019

by Nakeshia Diop

Senegal was one of the first countries I learned to identify on a map. My mom always said that it looked like Pacman, engulfing Gambia whole. Our apartment was always filled with art from Senegal, an allusion to my mother’s time in the Peace Corps and a reminder of my own... Read More

Castles and Princesses

May 8, 2019

by Ryan Griffin

One of my absolute favorite things about studying abroad with APA is that they have built in pre-paid trips to other cities in France for us to further explore the culture and history. Our first one was to the north of France to Normandie, which I had already visited in high... Read More

Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend

April 10, 2019

by burkeadmin

H A P P Y  A P R I L !   It’s our second to last month but we couldn’t be happier to be here! This past weekend in Paris was one for the books! I’m definitely paying the price as I’m sick in bed typing this but definitely worth it. Friday night I... Read More

Dinner Time Chez Isabelle

March 25, 2019

by Ryan Griffin

Let’s just start out with that I love food.  So much. She is the shoulder I cry on, the friend to laugh at my jokes, the comforting hug in the middle of the night. Because of my commitment to my relationship to food I have since our first week evolved to a dairy machine,... Read More

Morocco: Almost kidnapped… Spas.. and Stitches!

March 18, 2019

by Ryan Griffin

For the first half of winter break some of the other students in the program (Greg, Yuki, Chris, Lexi) and I travelled all the way to Fez, MOROCCO! A RyanAir flight later and booking an AirBNB with just one bed we were on our way. Since there are just so many photos I thought... Read More

New Year, New Semester, Who dis?

January 25, 2019

by Ryan Griffin

On January 24th he asked me what day it is. “C’est 24 Janvier” Wait..  Wait.. Wait.. Let me just stop right there. This daydream of me reinacting this iconic Mean Girls scene with the French equivalent of Aaron Samuels is not what happened today …or... Read More

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