Quarantine Easter

April 24, 2020

by Miruna Vlad

Spring is here! That means both the Catholic and the Orthodox Easter have happened in the last two weeks, which made it feel double as difficult to be away from home.

Two weekends ago, I happened to go for a walk, and forgot for a bit that people would be celebrating Easter. That’s why I was taken by surprise by all the families completing their essential outings together, as opposed to just the one usual family member walking the dog or bringing back groceries. Kids were riding their bikes, everyone was continuously smiling, and while seeing all those happy faces felt invigorating, it also felt kind of sad. In those moments, you realize that being in lockdown without your family isn’t as easy as you would have thought.

Last weekend, it was time for my parents and I to celebrate Easter…at a distance. When I used to be home for the spring holidays, I remember how our entire family would gather together and eat all this delicious food and just have a really good time. This year though, we just talked on the phone and exchanged pictures of what our separate Easter days looked like.

I started my day with a new mug to match the occasion:

In the meantime in Romania, my mom prepared some of our favorite foods and, of course, the traditional decorated eggs:

My dad did some light gardening and, after seeing the pictures he sent me, I really really wished I could hang out and relax in our backyard.

Right now, I am looking forward to things (hopefully) getting better in the next few weeks and to visiting home before eventually going back to school in the States!


About the Author

I am Miruna, a sophomore at Amherst College. I come originally from a small town by the Danube in Romania. I study Math and Econ, although I am very interested in visual arts (especially painting and film). Back on campus I am part of the Equestrian and Tennis clubs, but in Paris my favorite workout is jogging from one crêperie to another.

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