Alternative Spring Break

April 17, 2020

by Miruna Vlad

This week brings out bittersweet feelings. On the one hand, it’s finally Spring break! The sun is shining, flowers are blossoming, the temperature is nice enough to wear those cute outfits we all packed for Paris, and of course — no more classes. On the other hand, it feels just like any other quarantine week: stuck inside for most of the time, only talking to friends through texts or occasionally meeting up on Zoom, and with very few things you can do.

Here is how my friends and I thought we were going to spend Spring break in Europe:


So, you see, having to come up with alternative plans for sunbathing in Valencia and partying in Ibiza is no easy task. But I tried my best to make the most out of this week’s extra free time. Here’s how I spent one of my days:


  • Starting the day with some light yoga in the backyard


  • Dressing up to go on a “trip” to the grocery store and taking pictures of the blossoming trees in the meantime


  • Figuring out a meal and then enjoying some homemade crêpes


How is everyone else spending their week?


About the Author

I am Miruna, a sophomore at Amherst College. I come originally from a small town by the Danube in Romania. I study Math and Econ, although I am very interested in visual arts (especially painting and film). Back on campus I am part of the Equestrian and Tennis clubs, but in Paris my favorite workout is jogging from one crêperie to another.

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