Final thoughts

May 4, 2020

by Miruna Vlad

Exams are over and most of the APA crowd finished their classes this week, as Sunday marks the end of our program.

I imagined we would be celebrating the last few days in Paris, with good food and colorful drinks, with music and dance, or by visiting some more cool spots of the city before it’s too late. Instead, we are celebrating at a distance via Whatsapp groups and Zoom calls, by sending each other recipes and pictures of our newest culinary quarantine adventures.

Reflecting on my semester here, it’s still impressive how much we’ve experienced in the little time we had. Here’s a small throwback to the partying we did manage to do in our two months in Paris:

I guess the one good thing about this situation is that we don’t have to say goodbye again. We can keep chatting like before through the boredom of quarantine summer, follow APA’s chaîne cuisine with all of their delicious recipes, and make plans to meet up again when all of this is over.

I think APA did a great job sharing French culture with us (in person AND remotely), and I am so excited for all of those who will get to experience the program in the future.

Special thanks to Paris for welcoming us and for the best half of a semester ever!

À (très très) bientôt!

About the Author

I am Miruna, a sophomore at Amherst College. I come originally from a small town by the Danube in Romania. I study Math and Econ, although I am very interested in visual arts (especially painting and film). Back on campus I am part of the Equestrian and Tennis clubs, but in Paris my favorite workout is jogging from one crêperie to another.

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