Days in the foyer

March 19, 2020

by Miruna Vlad

As I write this post, I sit next to the window, watching a glorious Paris sunset and waiting to see the beacon of the Tour Eiffel like most nights.

I remember how only three months ago I was making the decision to be the only one in my circle of friends to go abroad and choose to stay in a student residence instead of a host family. At the time, I thought a “foyer” would be ideal for me because I would still get to practice my French, while being part of a community of my own age and also keeping my independence. I did all of those and much more!

The other residents welcomed the APA group warmly to the foyer, inviting us to their soirées, teaching us board games, and challenging us in ping pong or pool.

My initial fears never turned out to be true — I never felt like an outsider, I never had to sit by myself or in complete silence in the dining hall, and I never felt isolated or bored. The food has been good, and even when it wasn’t, our friends were always eager to share what they cooked with us. I tried home cooked Senegalese food like Mafe or Chicken Yassa for the first time and it was delicious!

(photo par Emma Ricci-De Lucca)

The foyer has become a true home to me for the past two months, and I already know I’ll miss it and my new friends when I leave.

About the Author

I am Miruna, a sophomore at Amherst College. I come originally from a small town by the Danube in Romania. I study Math and Econ, although I am very interested in visual arts (especially painting and film). Back on campus I am part of the Equestrian and Tennis clubs, but in Paris my favorite workout is jogging from one crêperie to another.

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