Dispatches from Dakar

June 7, 2018

by apaparis

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News of our inaugural launch of APA Dakar 2018

Welcome to the APA office hosted at the Superior Institute of Management (ISM). We have been welcomed by ISM with generosity and support. Sophie Corbeau directs this first edition of the program with the support of Cecilia and Edward, two graduate students in Project Management at ISM, overseen by Dr. Daniel Bitty, ISM International Relations Director. Aside from her support role, Cecilia accompanies the students on all the cultural events and manages the French conversation meetings while Edouard produces the Dispatches from Dakar and carries out the Wolof conversation workshops.


Let us back up for a moment to May 23rd, the arrival date of our three students, Brooke, Julia, and Tanisha who were welcomed by APA Founder Claire Suraqui. For three days, the students stayed at an inviting hotel, Casa Mara, located in the Sicap-Amitié neighborhood, two steps from the ACI Baobab Center. Our partners at the center covered questions on health and security, toured the neighborhood, and covered sessions on host families and Senegalese values over the three-day period.

On May 28th, Julia, Brooke, and Tanisha met ISM students Yvanna, Safiatou, and Julien. All six will take two courses from the following options:

  • Contemporary Francophone Literature- Oral and Written
  • Contemporary African Art (Part 1 is dedicated to visual arts in conjunction with the 2018 Dak’Art Biennial)
  • Economics and Development
Eco class ISM

Dr. Daniel Bitty, ISM International Relations Director teaches the Economics and Development course.


dak art palais de justice

The former courthouse hosts the main exposition for the 2018 Dak’Art Biennial. This space serves as the classroom for the Contemporary African Arts course taught by Malick Ndiaye, art historian and curator for the Theodore Monod Museum.

Homage to the Senegalese sculptor Ndary Lo—2018 Dak’Art Biennial

Thursday, May 31st, our students had their first lesson in African dance and djembé (drums) with Dame Kassé, dancer and choreographer at the Dakar Cultural Center—a true incubator for artists!

Saturday June 2nd: Discovering Gorée Island

Twenty minutes from Dakar by boat, Gorée is a captivating island that one can discover by foot, walking through the narrow streets lined with houses sporting bougainvillea flowers. It is also a place preserved to reflect on the slave trade.

Top to bottom: Gorée Island, Walk through the streets of Gorée, APA students visit the slave trade museum and memorial.


Next week, we will put the spotlight on one of our professors, meet one of our host families, and discover the Dakar nightlife!

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