Pay it Forward: New Scholarship Partnership with STA Travel

April 16, 2019

by apaparis

Airline tickets are often a student’s most expensive personal purchase relating to study abroad. Factor in the time of year, departing airports, and dynamic pricing and an international flight can easily cost four figures. Yet, it is something that every student in every cohort needs.

In our effort to lessen the financial gap, APA has partnered with STA Travel, the world’s largest student and youth travel company, to create an exclusive scholarship fund. For every plane ticket, travel insurance plan, and personal travel rail pass, hotel and tour purchase made via the APA-STA Travel portal or when mentioning APA at the time of booking, a portion of the purchase will be directed into the APA scholarship fund.

“Many students recognize the importance of a study abroad but on a student budget, making an impactful donation can be difficult on top of their own expenses” said Monika Markley, APA Marketing Manager. “If our students can give back while simultaneously making a necessary purchase during study abroad, it is a true ‘pay it forward’ moment.”

How to contribute: Book your travel at or mention APA at the time of booking. Contributors can continue to have a portion of their purchase directed to the APA scholarship fund as long as they are a student or under the age of 31.

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