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October 16, 2015

by apaparis

Initially I didn’t want to join my fellow APA girls for a weekend in Bretagne to visit the town of Saint-Malo and the world-wonder of Mont Saint-Michel since I’ve actually already been there.

During the summer before my senior year in high school, I spent a month in Angers, France in another study abroad program which offered weekend excursions. One of which was a day seeing the very same sights to which APA offered to take us, and I wasn’t particularly enthralled at the idea of climbing over 1000 steps to the Mont Saint-Michel abbey twice in one lifetime.

However, this trip lasted over two days whereas I only had one, and as there isn’t a whole lot to see in these two locations, the trip ended up being a beautiful weekend of relaxation and really, really good crepes.

After strolling through the town of Saint-Malo on Saturday, we pull into a little hostel somewhat in the middle of nowhere Saturday night. It’s quiet, calm, equipped with a kitchen and overlooks the ocean as well as the boats docked in the bay. Being somewhat out of the way of any restaurants or civilization, our directors planned an evening of cooking the famous “galettes bretonne,” or savory crepes regional to Bretagne instead of eating out. They gathered the ingredients, laid it all out on the tables and began to cook crepes with us, free to assist or hang out in the lobby. Naturally I assume the role of photographer, but soon we all sat together to eat our feast of galettes grâce à Chef Sophie and Chef Blandine. Laughing and chowing down together, I truly begin to feel that we had become a little family. I wouldn’t have traded my egg, cheese and mushroom crepe even for a meal at a 5-star restaurant.

Also, if you ever plan on making crepes in the future, goat cheese and honey is probably the best combination I never heard of.

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