October in Photos

November 1, 2016

by apaparis

I’ve just returned to Paris after spending 5 days in Prague for fall break. It was the first time I had left France since the end of August. While Prague was lovely (more on that to come), I was excited to return to Paris. I already feel a bit at home here, and it’s starting to sink in that I’ll have to leave in just less than two months. Anyways, here’s a petit reflection of my past month here.

October in Paris brought a lot of rain, cooler temperatures (I’m from Florida, so I call this cold), and fall leaves. Parisians whipped out their fall and winter wardrobes, and they look just as fashionable as you could imagine. Terrace cafés keep their outdoor seating open by turning on heat lamps and leaving out blankets (another Paris mystery solved for me!).

By the end of the month, the leaves in the Luxembourg Gardens had almost totally fallen. Paris has a different charm without it’s foliage, but I’m excited to get to know this side as well. I’ve already been spending more time in the city’s beautiful indoor spaces: cafés, museums (there is always more art to see in Paris), or libraries.

Today is Toussaint, or All Saint’s Day. For the French, this is the mainstream holiday not Halloween. Most go to a cemetery and lay flowers for their loved ones. If I finishing studying for my midterm in time I’m hoping to walk over to Père Lachaise, the largest cemetery in the city and not too far from my homestay in the 10th arrondissement.

This month, I made a conscious effort to carry my camera around in daily life. I hope you enjoy a few highlights (narrowed down from the hundreds I usually take).



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