Coming Together

March 20, 2016

by apaparis

I am about two months into my stay in France and this week, my mom and my best friend came to visit.

It was amazing exploring the city with these two and I was surprised to see how comfortable I’ve gotten in Paris and that I can do things like explain the metro system, recommend the best place to go, serve as an interpreter. You don’t even realize the progress you make in your French until you can show off in front of someone.

I think the defining moment of the week was having dinner with my three families around one table. Christine, my host mom, cooked a delicious meal and we were spoiled with foie gras and truffle cheese. Three languages were being spoken at the table – French, English and Russian – and conversation ranged from food and travel to politics. I am endlessly grateful for the openness and generosity of my host family and seeing everyone get along so well is an added bonus. Maybe one day we will all be sitting around a table on the other side of the Atlantic.


IMG_3846 (3)

Back at Sacre Coeur, but this time with Vickie!

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