Carmen à tout prix at the Théâtre Trévise !

February 3, 2016

by apaparis


The perks of having a friend in the program whose host mother is an opera singer, actor and comedian: front row seats to the show! A spin on Carmen, the show starts with an announcement of its cancellation. What comes next is a hilariously thrown together production. The assistant as Carmen (Sophie Sara), the maintenance man as the Toreador (Phillippe Moiroud), Italian playboy as Don Jose (Mathieu Sempere), neurotic manager as narrator (Bertrand Monbaylet), aspiring actress as Micaela (Ariane-Olympe Girard) and a troupe of Romanian street performers from the metro Châtelet to play Bizet’s masterpiece (Romain Fittousi, Julien Gonzales, Antoine Delprat). Decorations and lines are “improvised” and the “goofs” of the scramble are laugh-out-loud funny. Nonetheless, the vocals are serious business.

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