5 Reasons Why a Program Provider is the Best Way to Study Abroad in France

May 13, 2021

by apaparis

When a student decides to study abroad in France, immediately a wide range of program choices unfold. One of the first ways to narrow down the options is to choose to participate with a third-party program provider or via an exchange with a foreign university.

Here we’ll talk about five reasons why a program provider could be the best fit for you!

  1. Academic & Linguistic Support
    • It can be tricky navigating a completely new academic system and teaching style. Add the challenging layer of doing it in your non-native language and the prospect can be daunting. Providers are attuned to the unique needs of US students and institutions and can help you navigate the transfer credit process. Be sure to ask about academic resources and support for these educational differences too. APA proactively supports students with weekly 1:1 language support, course-specific tutoring sessions and methodology workshops.
    • Change is a good thing! But not every person is comfortable with the same amount of change. If 100% immersion is too much for you, providers offer their own in-house courses. Limited to the provider’s cohort, these classes are typically smaller in class size and are a nice balance between the French and American teaching styles. Plus, this allows for more creativity and flexibility in courses. APA’s art history courses include classes in Paris’ renowned museums!
  2. Pre-departure & On-site Support
    • The bureaucracy of the French is infamous! From applying for your student visa to university enrollment and course registration, a program’s support staff can be incredibly beneficial. Outside of the classroom, staff can assist with finding a doctor if you get sick, purchasing a cell phone plan, and other logistical points. For students and parents alike, it can be comforting to know that there is a team ready to help if questions arise.
  3. Excursions
    • The cultural activities organized by a program provider can introduce you to new places and events in your host city or country that you otherwise would not have experienced (or budgeted for)!
  4. Internships
    • You made it through your classes and now you’re ready to take your study abroad one step further with some work experience. Some program providers, like APA, can arrange a summer internship in your host city, usually in your preferred field. International professional opportunities are a fantastic way to immediately make your resume stand out when applying for jobs upon graduation.
  5. Marvelous memories
    • Your study abroad in France is an extraordinary time! Trying new things, making new friends and accomplishing goals is so rewarding – with a cohort of like-minded individuals, there is a wonderful bond between students on a program. Very often cohorts stay friends long after their term abroad ends. It warms our heart when we see reunions on Instagram!

Once you’ve decided that a program provider is the way to go, the next step is to research the different organizations and to choose the one that most closely aligns with your academic and personal goals for your time overseas. Once you have selected the best program provider for you, you will be one step closer to the perfect study abroad in France!

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