Framing the Francophone Phenomenon in Paris, France; Rabat, Morocco; and Dakar, Senegal

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Academic Support

Methodology sessions and proofreading workshops will help prepare students for coursework during the semester. At the midpoint of each host city segment, you will meet with the on-site director to review your progress. Each instructor and local staff are available to meet with students to answer questions about an assignment or topics discussed in class.

Language Support

Students will improve their language skills for the semester with a weekly individual language support that will help emphasize their conversation skills.

Additionally, students will learn important key terms and phrases in two of the languages spoken throughout Morocco and Senegal: Darija (Moroccan Arabic) and Wolof. They will receive weekly instruction in Darija and Wolof over the course of their four weeks in Rabat & Dakar respectively.

Pre-Departure Support

From the application process to flight arrangements, the dedicated US APA team will prepare you for the semester ahead with practical pre-departure information and a pre-departure orientation session.

We can answer questions about packing, insurance, cell phones, vaccinations and more prior to leaving, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Additionally, we can put you in touch with a student from a previous semester. Feel free to ask us to do so!

On-Site Support

Our knowledgeable, local host teams are available to make sure that life outside of the classroom is on par with your experience in the classroom! When students arrive in Paris for their first portion of the semester, a comprehensive four-day orientation will provide comprehensive information needed for a successful term. Students will also take a language placement exam before arriving in Paris.

In Rabat and Dakar, orientation sessions will take place and will cover specific information and be pertinent to local customs. Our on-site teams are always available for questions, support, or if you want to chat about your day!

The last two days of each session are dedicated to work on final projects and assignments. Staff will organize academic support sessions during this time.

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