Summer in Senegal

Spend six weeks in Dakar, the heart of Francophone West Africa

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Get ahead in your academic schedule and spend your summer in a different part of the Francophone world. Courses, taught in French by local professors, will deepen your knowledge not only of the subject material but also its role in West Africa. Consider extending your stay two additional weeks--perfect for meeting summer funding requirements!

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Take Your Pick

Enroll in 2 classes and receive dedicated academic and language support.
Each course is worth 4 credit hours.

Choose 2 courses from the following:

Oral & Written African Literature: Ideas, Themes and Meanings

Take a literary journey through the different periods of contemporary African literature: poetry of the Négritude movement (1930s), visiting the novels of “manners” (1940s), works of the European adventure and the contact of cultures (1950s), anticolonial texts (1950s), novels of disenchantment (after the 1960s), the female voice (1980s), and writings of migration (2000s). Lessons will include meetings with Senegalese authors and poets.

Senegal Today: Striking a Balance Between a Traditional and Modern Society

A political science class encompassing politics, religion, education, society, women, economic development, media, and arts. Guest speakers and on-site visits directly related to topics will be organized.

West African Economics and Development

Identify and analyze the important actors and growing sectors driving the West African region’s economic hub.

Contemporary West African Art: Visual Art, Film and Music

Examine three main branches of art. The first will take a look at visual art, dissecting pieces at the biennial Dak’Art exposition (2020 theme: Out of the Fire). The second addresses African cinema and the third explores the link between music and the Senegalese identity. Lessons includes visits to Dak’Art and meetings with African artists.

Interacting in a Francophone World: Advanced French Language for Intermediate Speakers

Focusing on the four pillars of language: speaking, writing, reading, and listening, this linguistic and cultural course will provide the skills and practice necessary for students to attain an advanced level of the French language.

Intensive Wolof for Beginners

Heard throughout Senegal, the local language of Wolof is also spoken in the Gambia and Mauritania. This elementary course will focus on oral expression, oral comprehension, written expression and written comprehension.

Cross-Cultural Management

In order to be successful, multi-national corporations need to do more than sell a product in the language of the country of business.  Learn how to bridge cultural differences and manage people of different backgrounds found in a business environment.

Our Partner Institutions

APA has partnered with top tier universities and institutions in Dakar to provide our courses:

Institut Supérieur de Management (ISM)

Host institution, AACSB member, Galileo Global Education member

Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD)

Premier university in Senegal

Institut Français of Dakar

Promotion of Francophone culture and language in Senegal

At the end of the term, APA will send the following to the student’s home institution:

  • Transcript (includes credit hours, Senegalese grades and their American equivalents)
  • Professor’s evaluation (includes detailed report of the grades earned)
  • Course descriptions and bibliographies
  • Student’s academic schedule

Extend your stay

Round out your time in Dakar to two full months and expand your experience. Choose your track:

  • Internship: placement in your preferred industry
  • Independent study: research a topic linked to one of your courses (4 credits)
  • Volunteer: in rural Senegal, work on an organic farm or ecolodge
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