Intensive Arabic

Summer language studies in marvelous Morocco

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An intensive summer of studies of a foreign language can, and should, be challenging. After all, intense is in the name! With APA's well-rounded support system in place, rigorous studies are balanced with 1:1 advising and guidance so that each student can focus on maximizing their language potential.

Customized Language Support

  • Modern Standard Arabic: meet with an instructor for one hour each week and separately with a teaching assistant for 30 minutes. These individual sessions focus on oral and written Arabic expression.
  • Weekly one-hour darija classes (Moroccan dialect of Arabic): hear around town, get the foundation for this native language
  • Support sessions include both methodology and grammar

Academic Support

  • Advising: meet one-on-one with an APA staff member to enroll in courses during orientation. The door is always open to discuss course progress.
  • Tutors: Don’t wait until the end of the program if extra support is needed for a course. APA can arrange for a tutor at any time!


Pre-departure Support

  • Passport application assistance
  • Visa application assistance (if necessary for international students)
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Finance and scholarship support
  • Departure preparations: immunizations, cell phones, insurance, prescription medication, and more

On-site Support

  • Airport pickup on June 1
  • 24/7 on-site assistance: Emergency and health matters, housing support, and more
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