Intensive Arabic

Summer language studies in marvelous Morocco

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Get to know your host city and country through a series of eye-opening and profound cultural events and adventures. Through this hand-picked cultural calendar of activities, performances, and trips, students will leave Rabat with a newfound appreciation for the creativity and tradition of Moroccans.

Weekend Excursion

  • Fez and Volubilis: The “Athens of Africa”, Fez is Morocco’s unofficial cultural capital of the country. Its long and storied history can be seen throughout the medina, tanneries, forts, and kasbahs. On the way back to Rabat, visit Volubilis, the ancient Roman and Berber city ruins. Both locales are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Tangier and Chefchaouen: Travel to the northwest part of the country to visit the city of Tangier, nestled on the African side of the strait of Gibraltar and the “Pearl of the North”, Chefchaouen, known for its photogenic blue buildings.

Cultural Activities

  • Calligraphy workshop
  • Music workshop
  • Ceramics painting


Depending on what is happening in the city, two to three events will be on the calendar. These could be:

  • Concerts
  • Theater
  • Dance
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