Paris: August Short-Term

Three weeks of intentional French studies in the country's cultural nexus

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Have you ever wondered where French hip hop artists find inspiration? Or how art participated in the projection of political and societal power in the 19th century? Do you need an extra language boost before the fall semester with APA?

After three weeks, students will be able to confidently converse on their chosen subject through the Paris: August Short-Term program. Thoughtful discussions and engaging content combined with site visits and guest speakers lead to a dynamic learning experience both in and outside the classroom.

Students follow one course, taught in French.

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August 2021

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All courses are taught in French and four credits. Site visits and guest speakers are incorporated into each course.

Students choose one course from the following:

Intermediate French Language

Students at the B1 French language level will take this course.

Attain a sufficient competency level in French to feel comfortable communicating with others daily. Comprised of classes, workshops, and site visits around Paris, this course prepares students for French university life (for a fall semester in Paris with APA) or a French work environment for a future internship.

Power, Beauty and Revolution: 19th Century Art and Architecture in the Paris Metropole

In this course, use the material culture of Paris and its artistic heritage to examine the major artistic movements of the 19th century as well as to investigate the relationship between art, society and politics. Critically engage with the surroundings connect what one sees in Paris – whether a statue, a building, or a painting – to larger artistic currents and historical phenomena. Most sessions will take place outdoors or in museums to enable students to learn and analyze art and architecture directly in front of it.

Urban Identities, Popular Culture and French Multiculturalism

Explore France’s popular culture and multicultural urban identities, in particular those relating to hip-hop, to take a closer look at questions that concern the construction of citizenship, nationhood, self & other, cultural memory, and social/racial justice. Attend performances, talks, workshops and participate in a variety of informal and formal events to study how local people learn about, think about, talk about and navigate Paris and its immediate outskirts. Our guests feature urban dancers, emcees, community organizers and educators, who play active roles in the development of urban culture in France, and the Paris region in particular.

At the end of the term, APA will send the following to the student’s home institution:

  • Transcript (includes credit hours, French grades and their American equivalents)
  • Professor’s evaluation (includes detailed report of the grades earned)
  • Course syllabi and bibliographies

Semester Studies with APA

Combat the summer rust of language learning loss: with the additional French practice of the August Short-Term program, you are ready for an immersive semester abroad!

Consider staying in Paris and taking classes at our local university partners or travel the Francophone world on the Multi-Country: France, Morocco, Senegal program. Automatically receive a program discount when you add a semester program to your studies.

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