The French medical system

April 28, 2016

by apaparis

It is easy to get worn out from travel and the end of semester academic pile up. Around this time of year the metro becomes germ central. Getting sick is no fun and getting sick in a foreign country makes things even more complicated. Luckily, France has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. APA can recommend a doctor or better yet ask your host family who they see. When I wheezed that I was sick, my host sister made an appointment for me with the physician whose office was right in the building. We made are way over later that same day as my host sister volunteered to interpret. We both realized I didn’t need it, but still it was nice having some moral support. The process was just some paperwork and the typical examination. I got the impression that doctors see a lot of patients one after the other during the day. However, I had a positive experience and found the doctor to be efficient and very sweet. Don’t forget to ask for a certificate excusing you from classes! Pharmacies are evenly spaced throughout Paris so there will likely be one down the street from you. The fee was 35 euro and the drugs were under 15.

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