Design Your Own Program (Faculty-Led)

As a faculty member, your top priority is providing your students with a quality education on your topic of expertise. Step out of the traditional classroom setting and enrich learning with a study abroad program in Paris. By capitalizing on nearly 30 years of APA’s knowledge in Paris-based academic, cultural, and extracurricular programming, you can spend less time on program development and more time on enhancing the student’s academic experience.

Design Your Own Program (DYP) is constructed to give faculty and institutions complete customization to create a study abroad program for any department without the hassle of navigating a foreign academic and cultural environment.


Create the framework for your program


Provide your students with social and service opportunities for teambuilding

APA | Design Your Own Program


Use Paris as a springboard to discover French culture


Allow APA to handle program management and execution



Build the foundation of your program by selecting the following:

  1. Length of stay: Summer, short-term, semester
  2. Language of Instruction: French or English
  3. Field of study: All majors available. Choose to collaborate with another department at your institution to create an interdisciplinary program.
  4. Coursework: Preapproved French university courses, APA in-house classes, or design your own
  5. Type of housing: hotels, French student residence halls, or homestays


Pick from pre-selected options or let APA design a cultural package that will supplement topics that are studied in courses.

APA | Design Your Own Program | Weekend ExcursionPhoto: © APA Paris - Student Photo
  1. Walking tours: complement classroom instruction with a city filled with over 2,000 years of history
  2. Day trips and weekend excursions outside of Paris: previous trips have included Versailles, Burgundy, Normandy, and the Loire Valley
  3. Performances and cultural events: soak up all of the rich culture Paris has to offer by reserving tickets to plays, symphonies, operas, or consider an experiential activity like learning how to cook a classic French meal.


Connect with your group of students, the university body, or the community as a whole with a variety of activities.

  1. Group meals: welcome and farewell dinners, breakfasts with the director, Thanksgiving dinner, and more.
  2. Conversation groups with French peers
  3. Extracurricular opportunities: sports, clubs, music, etc.
  4. Service learning opportunities: community volunteering, teaching assistantships, mentoring


With decades of experience in the Parisian educational system and study abroad industry, the APA Paris staff bundles a comprehensive array of program management tasks into your package including:

APA | Design Your Own Program | ManagePhoto: © APA Paris - Student Photo
  • French university enrollment if necessary
  • Transcript processing
  • Travel and study tour logistics
  • Batch processing for student visas if necessary
  • Marketing materials to promote the program at your home institution
  • Accounting duties handled by a Certified Public Accountant
  • Dedicated on-site support for faculty contact
  • Ability to collaborate with multiple universities to create a consortium
  • Reserved program office and classrooms if desired
  • Hiring and management of independent program director if desired


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