Advanced Program

The crème de la crème, our advanced immersion program has been the core of our company for nearly 30 years. Designed to achieve maximum fluency, the advanced program provides a rewarding and memorable experience by allowing students to take classes in any field of study in French alongside French students in the Parisian university system.

The advanced program is offered for a semester or academic year.

Eligibility: 3.0 GPA | Junior standing | 4+ semesters of French


Enroll in 4 classes


Choose a homestay or independent living


Add a summer internship for a perfect resume builder

APA | Advanced Program


Help when you need it, in and outside of the classroom


Day trips, weekend excursions, and more


Join a sports team, a club, or volunteer

Program Fees

What's included in the program



APA Paris has partnered with 10 Parisian universities and institutions of higher learning to provide a broad network of instruction for students with any major. Universities and their courses offered have been carefully screened by APA so that students are taking the highest quality classes available. Students generally take classes at the second year level but may choose to take some at the third year (license) level or fourth year (masters) level. Available to APA students is a one-week add/drop period to choose courses that correspond best to their needs and interests.

The French academic calendar runs from September to mid-May and includes a one-week fall break in October, a two-week Christmas break, a one-week winter break in February, and a one-week spring break in April.

APA | Advanced Program | Art History

Take your pick

Students enroll in 4 courses (with an optional 5th course) per semester. Students may choose a combination of classes from the following:

    Courses specific to your major or electives at our University of Paris partner institutions

    APA's in-house elective classes with accompanying study tour
    • Political Challenges in Contemporary France (with a study tour to Brussels focusing on the European Union)
    • 19th Century French Painting & Sculpture (Fall semester, with study tour to London on impressionism)
    • 20th Century French Painting & Sculpture (Spring semester, with study tour to Barcelona on Modern Art)
    Replace one class with an independent study or research for your senior thesis. (Must be preapproved by your home university.)

Course Credit

Each course receives 4 credit hours.

At the end of each semester, APA sends to each student’s home institution a:

  • Transcript: Includes credit hours, French grades and their American equivalents
  • Professor’s evaluation including a detailed report of the grades earned in each course
  • Course descriptions and bibliographies
  • Student’s academic schedule


Adjusting to not only a new method of teaching but a way of life can be overwhelming even for the most experienced student. APA provides academic and logistical support in order to maximize your stay in Paris.

APA | Advanced Program | Academic SupportPhoto: © APA Paris - Student Photo

Language Support

  • Weekly individual language support: This customized language support starts during orientation with a language evaluation. Based on the results, students will be assigned to one of our French language professors. Each week throughout the semester, students meet with their professor individually or in pairs for 30-45 minutes and separately with their teaching assistant for one hour working on oral expression and other noted areas for improvement.

Academic Support

  • Cours complémentaire: For each class that has at least three APA students enrolled, APA creates an additional course called a “cours complémentaire” or extra tutorial session. In most cases, this is taught by the same instructor teaching the class. These courses help students bridge the gap between the French and American educational systems and meets on a regular basis, usually every two weeks.
  • Methodology workshops
  • Course-specific tutoring sessions
  • Proofreading sessions to review and edit a paper prior to handing it in

On-Site Support

  • Airport pickup upon arrival
  • Unlimited metro pass for Paris and suburbs
  • Unlimited museum pass for all national museums, including the Louvre
  • Outside-of-the-classroom assistance: Help securing a French cell phone, finding a doctor, or opening a bank account

APA | Advanced Program | Host Family


Continue to customize your stay in Paris with your housing choice: hand-selected home stays or choose a more independent approach with a French student residence or apartment.

Option 1: Homestay with a daily breakfast and five dinners per week

Option 2: Homestay with a daily breakfast and three dinners per week

Option 3: Independent living in a French student residence or apartment



Each week, students receive tickets to performances in some of the most prestigious and world-renowned venues in Paris including the: Opéra, Comédie Française, Théâtre de Chaillot, Philharmonie, Théâtre de la Ville, Théâtre des Champs Élysées, etc. This is typically 12-13 shows per semester.

Don your apron and take a cooking workshop to learn how to prepare a classic French meal in a city known for its culinary treats.

In addition, APA takes students on exclusive trips to visit some of the major historical and cultural sites of France.

Day trips

• Fall: Versailles, Fontainebleau & Chartres

• Spring: Versailles, Fontainebleau & Giverny

APA | Advanced Program | Excursions

Weekend Excursions

• Fall: Burgundy & Normandy

• Spring: St. Malo, Mont St. Michel & the Loire Valley


For further immersion and integration into French life, APA offers students the opportunity to:

  • Pair up with a French student for the semester who is also interested in cultural exchange.
  • Join an intramural sports team, dance troupe, choir, or other clubs
  • Become a volunteer assistant in an elementary or high school, helping the teacher or providing English conversation classes two to four hours per week
  • Volunteer in a non-profit organization


APA | Advanced Program | Internship

Students studying for the academic year or spring semester with APA have the opportunity to extend their stay by participating in an internship with our partner program, Institute for Field Education (IFE).

Students choosing this option complete a two month, full-time professional summer internship following their time with APA.


Program Fees

Les Jardins

The Paris Advanced Program includes the following:


  • Tuition fees for full course load
    Partial fees covered for most studio and some performing arts courses.
  • Customized language support
  • Academic support: methodology sessions, proofreading sessions, course-specific tutoring, mid-semester review, cours complémentaires


  • Airport pick-up
  • 2-week orientation
  • one-on-one course advising and registration
  • 1-week course shopping period
  • City and neighborhood tours


  • Weekly tickets to the performing arts
  • Public transportation pass
  • 3 day trips
  • 2 weekend excursions
  • Cooking workshop
  • Museum pass for unlimited visits
  • Volunteer and extracurricular opportunities
  • French university conversation buddy


  • Homestay (with daily breakfast and 5 or 3 meals/week)
  • Independent living: APA-arranged foyer (French student residence)
  • Independent living: Student-arranged apartment living


  • Pre-departure support and student visa assistance
  • Civil liability insurance
  • On-site logistical support

Program Fees

  • Option 1: Homestay with 5 meals/week: $25800
  • Option 2: Homestay with 3 meals/week: $25250
  • Option 3: Independent living (housing fees paid separately): $18900

Payment Schedule

  • $500 deposit upon acceptance
  • Semester students: Remaining balance paid in full by July 1 (fall) or November 30 (spring)
  • Academic year students: 50% of balance by July 1. Remaining balance paid in full by August 15.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

  • Flight to and from Paris
  • Passport
  • Student visa
  • Medical insurance
  • Meals outside of board
  • Personal expenses and purchases such as personal travel, souvenirs, and entertainment


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