Rabat: June Short-Term

Bustling and alluring, make the historic city of Rabat your classroom.

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Leading local professors guide students through key aspects of Moroccan history, society and politics while incorporating site visits throughout Rabat and influential guest speakers into lessons.

Students follow one course, taught in English, over the three-week term.

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June Short-Term

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All students follow one course from the options below. Courses are four credit hours and taught in English.

Site visits and outings are incorporated in each course.

Postcolonial History of the Maghreb: Issues and Debates

What did the transition from a colonial state to postcolonial state look like and what did it mean to Moroccans? Examine the historical overview, past and current relations between Morocco and France, and how literature has played an important role in voicing the questions and feelings of the Moroccan people during this time period.

Language, Identity and Nationalism in Contemporary Morocco

Explore the cultural and linguistic diversity of Morocco where a variety of Arabic and Berber dialects, French, and standardized Arabic are spoken as well as more recently, English. What are the attitudes of Moroccans towards various languages, how does gender shape language use, and does choice of a language partake in the construction of social classes?

Social Movements in the Middle East and North Africa

Organized social movements can serve as the catalyst for speedier social change. Dig into the demographics of who is likely to participate in social movements, the tools they use such as social media, and recent movements in Morocco and the larger MENA region.

At the end of the term, APA will send the following to the student’s home institution:

  • Transcript (includes credit hours, French grades and their American equivalents)
  • Professor’s evaluation (includes detailed report of the grades earned)
  • Course syllabi and bibliographies
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