Paris: June Short-Term

Experiential learning in the heart of France

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Choose your studies and move between the classroom and the field to engage and learn hands-on under the guidance of expert professors.: Take guided visits, such as of the Château de Chantilly to examine the art collections in the Power, Beauty and Revolution: 19th Century Art and Architecture course or in Urban Identities, Popular Culture and French Multiculturalism, connect with local community members to discuss how dance is used as a means of self-expression, of remembrance, and of belonging.

Students follow one course, taught in English, over the three-week term.

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June Short-Term

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Take Your Pick

All students follow one course from the options below. Courses are four credit hours and taught in English.

Site visits and outings are incorporated in each course.

Power, Beauty and Revolution: 19th Century Art and Architecture in the Paris Metropole

Study the connections between art, power and revolution in the nineteenth century as you explore premier art collections and take guided visits of architectural monuments and outdoor statues in Paris and its surrounding area.

Urban Identities, Popular Culture and French Multiculturalism

Meet with French rappers and emcees to examine the relationship between urban culture, decolonization and multiculturalism in contemporary France.

At the end of the term, APA will send the following to the student’s home institution:

  • Transcript (includes credit hours, French grades and their American equivalents)
  • Professor’s evaluation (includes detailed report of the grades earned)
  • Course syllabi and bibliographies
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