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Outside of class, join us online for one or two weekly ateliers, or workshops. Each atelier has been purposely selected to introduce you to a different cultural element of our three beautiful host countries of France, Morocco, and Senegal. These workshops will be conducted in French or English, respective of the student's selected language for courses.

Darija and Wolof Lessons

Take a crash course in some basic words and phrases for one of these two local languages:

  1. Darija: An Arabic dialect, darija is heard throughout the streets of Rabat, Morocco.
  2. Wolof: One of the most popular languages of Senegal, it is spoken by nearly 10 million people.


Is there a better way to indulge in another culture than its food? Follow along as an APA staff member becomes chef for the day and shares one of their favorite dishes from the Francophone diaspora: gather ingredients from the recipe given beforehand and make it together, live from one kitchen to another. And of course the best part – eat them!

African Dance

Get your muscles moving with this energizing style of dance! This initiation will take you through some basic steps to the beats of Senegalese percussion.

Arabic Calligraphy

Practice this stunning form of handwriting and learn a few new Darija words along the way.


Take a mental break from class and re-center with some meditative flows:

  1. Vinyasa yoga: this modern, seamless sequence of poses synchronizes your breathing to the dynamic movements
  2. Qigong: while originating in China, this now worldwide practice focuses on coordinated mediation, breathing, and body posture and movements.

Aside from the physical health benefits, these forms of meditation and exercise have been proven to increase one’s happiness, focus, and relaxation – who doesn’t deserve a little TLC these days?!

Cultural Encounters

Paris, Rabat, and Dakar cultural organizations and destinations have made content more accessible over the past few months. Guest speakers will visit a diverse range of topics during these 30-minute introductions:

  • Music (from classical heritage to rap)
  • Theater productions
  • Architecture and museum visits
  • Pop culture and youth culture
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