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APA works with leading partners in the business and non-profit sectors who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to ethical values and seek to generate positive impact in society. Our partners specialize in a variety of fields including culture, civic engagement, environmental sustainability, or the tech industry. Partnerships will vary from year to year, but a representative sample could include the following:


  • Danone Corporate Social Responsibility department
  • Code Insider (digital service business)
  • Swapbook (startup developing apps to encourage free exchange of textbook among students)


  • Secours Catholique Caritas France (International development organization)
  • Lallab (feminist antiracist NGO)
  • Louvre Museum
  • Mondolingua Musem

Potential Project Examples

  • Louvre Museum: Contribute to redesigning the funding strategy of one of the world’s largest and most prestigious museums.  With recent developments surrounding the COVID pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult for Louvre staff to travel abroad and nurture its relationships with foreign donors or locate new ones. In this project, you will invent new ways in which the Louvre can maintain contact with large donors as well as reach out to new ones to make the most out of the current crisis.
  • Secours Catholique-Caritas France:  Participate in solving an international development challenge in the Middle East and North Africa region undertaken by one of Secours Catholique’s local partner organizations.  Secours Catholique is a major non-governmental organization in France and belongs to the same network as the Catholic Relief Services. The project may be centered around advocacy for Palestinians, access to education for Algerian women, or water management in Mauritania.
  • Code Insider: Redesign the work environment and recruitment process of a cutting-edge Digital Service Business firm. Harness your creativity to help recruit the next generation of developers by anticipating their expectations and making Code Insider the most attractive workplace possible.
  • Lallab: Join Lallab’s feminist and antiracist struggle and contribute to making the plurality of Muslim women’s voices heard in France. The project focuses on revisiting Lallab’s PR and social media strategy, focusing especially on ways to give more impact, visibility and amplitude to their major yearly event, the Muslim Women’s Day in March.
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