Dakar: June Short-Term

Cross-cultural connections and valuable exchanges for an engaging three weeks

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Dakar is a lively city with many venues to catch live music in practically any genre! Through APA's curated cultural events and excursions, students will attend a concert or two along with some incredible occasions that display the rich customs and history of Senegal.

Cultural Activities

  • Djembe (drumming) or Dance workshop: Take a traditional dance lesson or choose to learn how to to play the djembe, a Senegalese drum.
  • Two performing arts shows

Day Trips

  • Gorée Island: Located just off the coast of Dakar, the island is known for its Maison des esclaves, or House of Slaves, a memorial and museum to the slave trade atrocities.
  • Lac Rose: Lake Retba gets its pink hue from a special type of algae found in the water. The particularly high salt content of the lake attracts local workers who collect the salt which is mainly used for preserving fish.
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