Extracurricular Activities

Meet with a French student for a cultural exchange.

Become a part of the Parisian community by joining an on-campus club or intramural sports team, give back with a local non-profit organization, and more. APA has extracurricular options to suit any interest and organizes group socials throughout the semester.

Pair up with a French student who is also interested in cultural
exchange. We’ll introduce you. Throughout the semester, the
two of you can schedule conversation sessions in French and
English and explore Parisian sites together.

Participate in a leisure activity of your choice such as sports,
choir, or dance.

Become an unpaid assistant in an elementary or high school,
helping the teacher or providing English-conversation classes
two to four hours per week, while learning more about the
French educational system.

Work as a volunteer trainee in a humanitarian organization.

Enjoy occasional group breakfasts at the APA Paris director’s

Take part in the annual APA Paris Thanksgiving feast.

Finish off your semester with our “soirée d’adieu,” where all
the APA Paris staff, professors, and students get together for a farewell party.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with APA Paris!

Thanksgiving done right

If you talk to American expats, most will tell you it’s not easy to get the real Thanksgiving effect in Paris. But every year we prepare a mouthwatering feast, and we have a great time doing it. On Thanksgiving, you’re invited to join all the APA Paris staff and students for a festive evening of turkey, stuffing, gravy and all the tasty indulgences your friends and family are relishing thousands of miles away!

“All the students get to know the APA directors very well throughout the semester... They’re an attentive, hardworking, and caring group of women who are always available, whether you’re having scheduling problems or just need to talk. They’re a great support system to have while so far away from home. And they know how to organize a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner.”

Mary, George Washington University, Year 2012-2013


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