September 16, 2015

by apaparis

I’ve been trying to catch my breath the past couple weeks.

When I first landed in Paris, I guess I expected the city to suddenly lay out before me, but for any future travelers, it’s important to remember that Charles de Gaulle Airport is still just an airport. However, after a whirlwind of tours, nightly excursions and daytime strolls, Paris is slowly revealing itself to me. The bits and pieces are starting to create something a little confusing, diverse, dynamic, and incredibly beautiful. Seeing the full picture is something only a bird could do, but I’ll do my best to grow wings.

First, Montmartre is the reason people write about Paris. The quarter is a crude bohemian man crossdressing as a refined Parisienne with something to prove, and he does, and we all wish we were him.

Second, the first time the Eiffel Tower and I locked eyes, my heart skipped a beat. The first time I saw the tower sparkle, it sped up. I think we’re in love.

Third, when walking around Le Marais I realize how much I need to step up my fashion game. It’s on.

Fourth, there are pigeons everywhere you look. They are bold, rude, confident, have a better strut than I could dream of yet when they fly across the city of Paris, across the rooftops and chimneys to survey their beautiful home, they have the dignity and delicate grace of any well-bred Parisienne. They accompany me through park strolls, afternoons in the Place des Vosges, and every morning for tea. If anyone is to teach me how to be a Parisienne, I might as well turn to the natives.


I’ve only scratched the surface and so much more is to come, but what I know for absolute certain is no matter who or what you are – be it a person or a pigeon – you are lucky to be in Paris.

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