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Creating a valuable and meaningful Paris experience will require selecting courses that truly fit your academic goals and study abroad expectations.

In APA Paris' programs, you can choose from a range of courses in any major offered by our 10 Paris partner institutions and from our special selection of in-house elective courses which cover French politics and art history. It is possible and common to take classes in-house and at multiple universities.

All courses offered have been carefully selected by our team based on key factors including interest value, faculty qualifications, and evaluations from previous students. No matter which program you choose, you will attend class alongside your French peers.

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Course Selection

Provided as a sample, the following course catalogs include a list of classes that were available in recent past semesters. Since French universities publish their course list a month before the semester begins, APA will handle class registration during orientation on the students' behalf.

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Course Catalogs

Anthropology » Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

Art History » Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

Classical Humanities » 2016-2017

Communications » Spring 2017

Comparative Literature » Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

Economics » Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

Education » 2016-2017

Film & Theater Studies » Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

French Literature » Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

Gender Studies » 2016-2017

General Literature » Spring 2017

Geography » Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

History » Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

Linguistics » 2016-2017

Musicology » 2016-2017

Philosophy » Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

Political Science » Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

Psychology » Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

Religion » 2016-2017

Science & Technology »

Sociology » Fall 2016 | Spring 2017

Discover our two special in-house courses

XAPA Paris Art History Class

In-House Courses

Of the four courses you’ll choose for your semester, most of which are taken at our affiliate Paris institutions, one or two of them can be replaced by one of our own in-house courses.

1 - Political Challenges in Contemporary France


There are so many hot topics in French social and political culture, from employment and economic issues to immigration. This course gives you a chance to dive right into the pressing issues of today. Learn about them, debate them, and enrich yourself with a new dimension of political insight. The course is taught by a Political Science professor and it includes a two-day study tour to Brussels.

2 - French Painting and Sculpture

19th Century French Painting and Sculpture Syllabus
20th Century French Painting and Sculpture Syllabus

This art history class covers two key periods in France: 19th century (fall semester) and 20th century (spring semester). The class meets twice a week and includes 12 sessions in which students get to study the works of art up close in a museum setting. The course also includes a two-day study tour each semester:

- Fall: London- Examine the parallels between French and English Impressionism

- Spring: Barcelona- Explore 20th century Spanish artists including Picasso, Miró, Dali, and Gaudi

Directed study or independent study, your choice


APA encourages students to pursue subjects that are not always found in a course catalog. Two options exist for students to seek an individual approach to a topic and explore it further. These are:

1 - Directed study

Directed Study is designed to be a substitute for a course that is needed for the student’s program of study but is not available in a particular semester. The material covered in such courses is essentially the same that is covered in the traditional course.

2 - Independent study

Independent Study, on the other hand, is intended to be an extension, or “spin-off,” of an existing course. It provides the student with an opportunity to pursue and research a subject in-depth, and in a more independent manner than would be possible in a traditional course.

APA guarantees that they will find the most suitable faculty advisor to survey the student's work.

In order to participate in directed or independent study, students must receive approval from their home institution prior to going abroad.

Discover our French language support


French language à la carte

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Program: Students will take a 75-hour intensive language immersion course at the beginning of the semester. This will count as one of the four courses. After, students will meet weekly to continue their language studies.

Advanced Program: Since all of your classes will be taught in French, it is important to be prepared for what is ahead. APA does not require a language class during the semester. Rather, all students will benefit from customized support sessions to maximize the potential for improvement. A language evaluation during orientation will help us prepare for these sessions.

View the additional academic support available.

“The French university system is also radically different from my experience in the U.S., but luckily the staff spent three weeks with us at the beginning of the semester teaching us about the university system through an orientation program. That support continued throughout the semester through tutoring sessions to learn the methodology of our course work or meetings with professors. The two in-house courses were also absolutely incredible and allowed us to get to know French professors while still having a small, intimate class where discussion was highly encouraged. We also got to go on a study-tour to a different country for each of the in-house classes! Those trips were weekend-long trips organized by the program that helped expand what were were learning in the classroom.”

Kat, Swarthmore College, Fall 2016

Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La DéfensePhoto: © Service Communication - Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

Try them first

One of our unique offers is the chance to try out several classes before you commit. For the first week of the semester, APA has adopted the American "shopping" period. Sit in on up to 10 courses and see how you like them. At the end of the week, you simply select the four or five that best fit your interest and needs.

“APA offered a great support network and made the transition from American academics to French university fairly painless. They also invested a lot of time to make sure that students' course credits would be recognized at their home universities.”

Kylie, Bryn Mawr College, Spring 2015



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