APA Paris Testimonials

Students complete the APA Paris program with meaningful new friendships, incredible memories and, in many cases, a whole new outlook on life. Below are just a few comments from some of our former students.

“Before leaving home in January, I was nervous about living life independently in a new city. Luckily for me, APA made it as stress-free as possible. Upon arrival in Paris, APA set out to teach us everything there was to know about the city -- from guided tours through different neighborhoods in the city like the Marais and Montmartre to metro riding lessons, the transition to life in Paris was so much easier than I expected. The women who run the program are some of the kindest and most supportive people I've met!”

Emily, Brandeis University – Spring 2016

“What will always stand out for me about my study abroad experience is my host family. I got to live with two of the kindest souls I've ever met, and they became like parents to me: when I left Paris, they told me that they had come to think of me as their adoptive daughter. Their family was such a great fit for me, and they will always be my fondest memory of Paris. And I would never have met them if it weren't for APA: their housing questionnaire was so extensive that I knew I would be paired with a family that suited my needs, and upon my arrival in Paris, they took the time to get to know me in person to make sure they had made the right choice. ”

Sage, Bryn Mawr College – Fall 2015

APA Paris Testimonials

Alumni Evening in Boston

“Unlike other universities in France, which tend to be very limited in choices for classes, APA Paris provides academic flexibility along with full immersion into French universities.”

Julia, Bryn Mawr College – Fall 2009

“The APA Paris staff is so wonderful, and I’m going to miss them all so much!”

Kimia, George Washington University – Fall 2012

“By the end of the year, I really felt like Paris, and the APA office in particular, were home to me.”

Breana, Bennington College – 2014-2015

“One morning I forgot my passport in my room, and my host mom drove across the city in her pajamas to bring it to me!”

Mary, George Washington University – 2012-2013

“Most of my cultural education was about living in Paris, speaking with people and going out on weekends. I had a great time and got to experience real French culture.”

Fabio, Johns Hopkins University – Spring 2011


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