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APA will be visiting US college campuses this spring to speak with students.

January 2018

APA is coming to your campus

It may only be January, but APA is looking ahead to next fall! Our US representatives will be visiting campuses across the country this spring to speak with motivated students who are looking to improve their French and study abroad for the 2018-19 academic year and Fall 2018 semester. More visits will continue to be added throughout the coming weeks. Don't see your institution? Contact us to arrange a visit!

January 2018

Welcome to Paris, Spring Cohort!

On January 4, our spring students arrived in Paris for their upcoming semester. Watch our slideshow to see what the first few days of orientation have entailed.

August 2017

APA is coming to your campus

Back-to-school season marks the time for APA to take part in our US affiliate institution study abroad fairs. We are eager to return to campus and speak with so many enthusiastic students about studying in Paris. Find our schedule below and check back regularly as more visits will continue to be added. Don't see your institution? Contact us to arrange a visit.

Forum Conference Schedule

March 2017

APA is looking forward to the Forum on Education Abroad Annual Conference

Four days of professional development and networking with international higher education's movers and shakers will take place at the Forum on Education Abroad's annual conference March 28-31, 2017 in Seattle, WA. Three members of APA: Director and Founder Claire Suraqui, Assistant Director Lindsay Turlan, and University Relations & Marketing Manager Monika Markley will in attendance.

Share what Paris and the Francophone language and culture mean to your university and students and chat with us over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Take a look at the schedule below and choose a time and day that is most convenient for you. You will receive a complimentary email reminder.

APA Paris will be visiting US college campuses this spring to speak with students.

Spring 2017

APA is coming to your campus

Never been on a plane before? Is your passport an extension of your hand? No matter if it will be your first time out of the country or your 100th, questions are certain to arise when traveling outside of the States. APA will be visiting college campuses across the US this spring to speak with students and answer questions they have about our programs and the study abroad process. Check back often as universities will constantly be added.

Don't see your university listed? Contact us to schedule a visit!

Academic Programs Abroad announces new board member.

January 2017

APA welcomes a new board member

Academic Programs Abroad has added a new member to their advisory board. Natalie Friedman, Dean of Studies and Dean for the Senior Class of Barnard College, will be joining the seven-member committee after unanimous approval. The APA Paris staff regularly consults with the board on academic guidelines as well as the criteria for student acceptance into the programs.

"The invaluable insight that Natalie brings to the advisory committee will be instrumental in APA's future." said Marketing Manager Monika Markley. "The US and Paris staff are thrilled with this addition to the board and are looking forward to Natalie's contributions."

Friedman will be the first alumni of APA Paris to join the advisory board. Having first hand knowledge of the student experience will provide a viewpoint that has been missing from the current collection of members.

Visit the advisory board page for a complete list of members.

APA Paris au Musée RodinPhoto: © APA Paris - Student Photo


APA opens a second program

You can make your dreams of studying in Paris a reality, even if you have only studied French for 2 or 3 semesters.

Learn more about the program here »

APA Paris social LouvrePhoto: © APA Paris - Student Photo

In short, APA offers a fully immersive program for students looking to challenge themselves by taking the courses of their choosing (in-house or at a partner institution), with the opportunity to receive exceptional academic and language support.

All courses receive full academic support to ensure success: methodology workshops, tutoring and proofreading sessions, as needed as well as our “cours complémentaire”, when applicable.


and may, if they chose, take all 4 (or 5) courses from the vast selection available at our Paris partner institutions.


  • Political Challenges in France, with included study tour to Brussels or Strasbourg
  • French Painting and Sculpture in the XIX Century (Fall semester) or XX Century (Spring semester), with included study tour to London and Barcelona

Students also have the option of doing a directed or independent study as their 4th course.


If deemed necessary for the student, this course is designed to ensure success in university level classes. The class is taken in place of 1 French university course.


  • Taking their 3 other classes at our French partner institutions OR
  • Taking 2 French university courses and 1 of the APA inhouse elective classes


APA Immersion By Design

Announcing exciting changes to
our core academic program

Over the recent years, we have considered the changes happening in the field of Education Abroad and decided to update the way we run the academic portion of our program. The modifications will make APA even more flexible for its students in terms of the courses they take abroad.

Starting Fall semester 2016, the APA academic program will consist of the following adjustments:

APA students will take 4 courses per semester with the option of a 5th course »

Students with advanced language skills will have no compulsory in-house course »

All students will have the option to enroll in 1 or 2 of APA’s in-house elective classes »

Placement in a French-language Oral and Written expression class will be determined following onsite evaluation »

These students taking a French Oral and Written expression class have the option of »

APA Paris rue de ParisPhoto: © APA Paris - Student Photo

Good News from CampusFrance!

To further ensure that the visa application process goes smoothly and painlessly for our students, we have successfully entered an agreement with CampusFrance that allows us to perform batch processing for the first step of the visa process!

This allows us to send in all of our students’ CampusFrance information at once. Also, for US citizens from certain regions of the US, it also means that they will not need to visit the French Consulate in person as a similar agreement has been made for the second step of the visa process. More information to follow! Although our new students may not know the difference, this comes as a relief to those of us who know the old, cumbersome way!


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